1. Forget Perfection: 3 Ways to Embrace the Entrepreneurial Struggle

    Forget Perfection: 3 Ways to Embrace the Entrepreneurial Struggle

    Nothing frustrates me more than chasing after some elusive moment when my business will run smoothly. So I don't. Like most small business owners, I started my entrepreneurial quest with the idea that hard work, good organization, careful management, and controlled growth would one day all coincide in a beautiful "eureka moment" after which everything would somehow be smooth sailing. Eight years later, I am still waiting for that moment. Don't get me wrong. I have gotten close enough to glimpse what it might be to experience that well-oiled machine scenario, but like a mirage, it always disappears, leaving me disappointed and exasperated. In order to protect my health and safeguard my desire to continue the entrepreneurial struggle, I recently got real with myself, and admitted this perfection I had been striving for was not only unlikely to happen, but probably very boring to experience. With that in ...

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