1. How To Switch Business Gears Without Losing Customers

    How To Switch Business Gears Without Losing Customers
    From Justine Grey: At some point, every business owner contemplates changing things up. You may find that your current business model isn’t working, or you feel pulled to take a new direction. Maybe you want to increase or decrease the products or services you offer, or change your target market completely. As Richard Branson said, “restructuring can be a difficult process.” No matter what changes you’re making, you always run the risk of losing customers. You can take small steps to help educate your customer base about the changes you’re making. While you may not be able to avoid ruffling some feathers, you can do more good than not by being proactive. Let’s look at three ways you can switch business gears without losing customers. Focus on value No matter what changes you’re making, remaining valuable is your number one goal. If your current customers ...
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