1. Taking An Ethnic Restaurant Mainstream

    Taking An Ethnic Restaurant Mainstream
    From Zack Miller: Ethnic eats have always been popular in the U.S. As a country of immigrants, we’ve brought our foods with us, offering comfort and a way to stay connected to our pasts. Small, ethnic restaurants span much of the country, often located in neighborhoods that have drawn immigrants from a common country. But while it’s relatively easy to open a local enterprise to serve ethnic food to a homesick population of recent arrivals, making the leap to a mainstream market requires an extra dash of savvy. It's easy to stay small and niche The recipe for niche success is fairly straightforward: Make something authentic that’s not widely available. For example, if you give a local population a whiff of their homeland and a comfortable place to hang out, you have a good chance of winning loyalty from folks familiar with the cuisine and ...
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    1. I see all these small restaurants out there serving their niches that could do so much better.
    2. We got feedback that said in a party of four or five, there was always one or two holdouts who didn't want ethnic.
    3. To be successful in the culinary world, you really need to be good at food and business, Running a restaurant really is the commerce of art. As the owner, I'm not an artist with a supporting patron. I need to be liked and demanded.
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