1. Losing Control Is Complexity’s Greatest Risk

    Losing Control Is Complexity’s Greatest Risk
    From John Mariotti: The complexity of every business in the world is increasing daily, by leaps and bounds. Yet few of them even recognize that it is happening—even fewer have any continuing measures of complexity in place. Thus, they fail to reap the benefits of managing complexity and/or mitigating the risks they face as a result of not managing it. When RIM’s Blackberry system stopped working, one of the likely contributing factors was its inherent complexity. Finally it got ”fixed” but its complexity remains a threat. When Amazon.com’s marvelous Web retailing machine offers millions of items for sale, but its earnings fall short of expectations, that is complexity at work. When General Motors was taken apart and dramatically restructured in what was a Herculean effort to reduce complexity, the efforts paid handsome dividends in both profit and market position. Wise men have written about management ...
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