1. Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Does Little for Small Business

    Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Does Little for Small Business
    From Barbara Weltman: Anita Campbell suggests that small business owners be pragmatic about the new law and look to what’s good in it. I would take this a step further and say that the Small Business Jobs Act is a misnomer and not the right legislation to accomplish any of the stated goals. According to the Senate Finance Committee, the Act:   Gives small businesses $12 billion in tax cuts Helps small businesses create 500,000 new jobs Incentivizes and increases small business lending Helps small business owners access private capital to finance an expansion and hire new workers Rewards entrepreneurs for investing in new small businesses Helps Main Street businesses compete with large corporations Let’s examine the provisions within the Act to see whether they will help to accomplish these goals.   $12 billion in tax cuts   The dollar loss in revenue from the tax cuts may add up ...
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