1. America's split-screen economy

    America's split-screen economy

    By most statistical measures, the US is near full employment. But many people still feel anxious. What's behind the dichotomy and how it's changing the culture of the workplace.

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    1. I think I've found the right fit for now.
    2. We are hitting a stride where we are growing.
    3. The job market has improved in the sense that the unemployment rate has gone down.
    4. One of the biggest changes from 10 or 20 years ago is our central city, [where now] people want to go to hang out.
    5. Workers are now expecting things from the workplace that are a little bit different.
    6. People really like feeling that the work they're doing is making a difference.
    7. I jest that I'm getting my PhD to figure out what jobs will still be viable when my now 2-year-old son hits the workforce.
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