1. In Six Seconds, Giphy Could Make Billions

    In Six Seconds, Giphy Could Make Billions

    The vibe felt a bit like a dorm room, as they sat with laptops perched on knees and La Croix cans stationed within arm’s reach, but this is only incidentally a social event. The Giphy folks have been tasked by the Emmys producers to “live GIF” the show, creating those seconds-long video loops used to enliven digital conversations and get shared.

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    1. GIFs are a kind of social currency.
    2. We think we can grow like probably 3 times what we have now, which is kind of crazy.
    3. If it's good, it's stuff that people want to use—to communicate, to laugh, to inform.
    4. We're thinking about revenue not in terms of millions or hundreds of millions (of dollars), but, like, billions.
    5. We were so small, we could literally have a companywide meeting in the pool.
    6. Two years later, we were on stage at F8 showing Mark Zuckerberg send [Messenger chief] David Marcus a GIF from Giphy.
    7. Especially if there's something static. We're like, why is that not moving?
    8. It allows us to take this show that's been off the air for six years, reinsert it into the zeitgeist, and create opportunities for fans to use this content in their communications with each other.
    9. What we like to say at Bravo is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a GIF is worth a million.
    10. We want to have content that's purpose-built for us.
    11. What's happening on the internet now? What happened on the internet yesterday?
    12. When not watching 5 episodes of Ozark.
    13. Giphy is one of the last remaining pure platforms.
    14. You're talking about an intimate communication.
    15. It's taking a long time for marketers to understand the value of what a short-form piece of video means in their value chain.
    16. There are very few places that connect where everyone is, and everyone's talking, and can tell you why they're talking about you in every possible context.
    17. In the same way that we learn massive amounts from Google Search and what people are searching for on YouTube.
    18. It took four and a half years to get all the content owners together, make the content searchable.
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