1. How IBM’s ThinkPad Became A Design Icon

    How IBM’s ThinkPad Became A Design Icon

    So it’s certainly no shocker that rifling through a 25-year-old issue of PC Magazine provides dozens of pieces of evidence that the tastes of 1992 diverged wildly from those of 2017, in ways that go beyond the purely technological. The desktop and portable computers in its pages are beige and bulbous, bearing scant resemblance to their modern descendants. But there is one exception in the magazine. It’s a striking black laptop called the IBM ThinkPad.

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    1. You can go look at a brand new Porsche 911 and compare it to the original, and okay, there's a whole bunch of differences.
    2. The notebook computer itself was a kind of unknown area.
    3. We knew the mouse was the best device for pointing, but you could not use a mouse in the air.
    4. It would be really bad if they were going to keep pure keyboard notebooks in the line, because pad means pen.
    5. They did a better job of not just coolness, but construction and solidity and support than a lot of their competitors did.
    6. The second we moved to Lenovo, the first thing we needed to do was convince people that it was the same people, the same team.
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