1. The Cities Of The 21st Century Will Be Defined By Water

    The Cities Of The 21st Century Will Be Defined By Water

    “If we only respond to the past, we will only get answers that fit the past,” he says. “Those answers won’t fix the future . . . You really have to look at the city from a whole new perspective.” While the Dutch pioneered heavy-duty infrastructure like dikes, sea walls, sea gates, and levees to hold back water, in the 1990s they realized that this approach was futile. The natural ecological systems would eventually overtake the man-made.

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    1. Passive approaches [to flood management] are always the key.
    2. It's not nearly as extensive as it could be.
    3. I always think about cities like people, or bodies.
    4. We built this culture of living with water.
    5. Engineering alone won't bring you salvation.
    6. It has many more co-benefits versus a grayer alternative and that includes things like better streets, better pedestrian environments, more habitat, trees provide cooling, when you have the opposite problem of a big flood.
    7. Macro- and micro-scale thinking is the key.
    8. I hope this has been a good instructive lesson for national and state leaders who have tended not to want to spend money locally and for the local leaders who haven't been aggressive with the money they do have.
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