1. Capital OneVoice: A Conversation On AI & Machine Learning

    Capital OneVoice: A Conversation On AI & Machine Learning

    Adam Wenchel, Vice President of AI and Data Innovation at Capital One, knows his way around AI. He’s an Artificial Intelligence trailblazer with more than 20 years of experience in the field. He took the only two AI classes available at his college in the late 1990’s and his first gig after graduation was working in AI at DARPA—the agency that created the internet. We’re chatting in his sunny 10th floor office at Capital One headquarters in Mclean, Virginia.

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    1. Machine learning tends to focus on a nicely constrained problem. So you can write a bot that answers emails or identifies a frog, but if you tried to get it to play chess it couldn't do it.
    2. The whole idea is that you have synapses that trigger differently in responses to different stimulus.
    3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are like magic when it happens. It's unbelievable.
    4. This great convergence of technologies came together to improve performance.
    5. Entire industries are being transformed by it and no one wants to be left behind.
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