1. How to Work with a Bad Listener - What?

    It’s frustrating to work with people who don’t listen. Whether your colleagues interrupt you, ramble on, or seem distracted, the impact is the same: you feel ignored and the chances for misunderstandings — and mistakes — rise. There are, however, ways you can encourage your colleagues to listen better. First, consider their work styles. Ask them how they like to receive information. Some people are visual; others are verbal. Second, be an empathetic listener.

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    1. Dealing with colleagues who don't listen is both hard and frustrating.
    2. Some people are visual and some are verbal.
    3. I have three possible strategies that I want to tell you about. In the end, I'm looking for you to make a decision on one of them.'
    4. I've seen dysfunctional teams where this would not work at all.
    5. Let me tell you about a former employee, Phil, who wasn't paying attention and once caused us to miss our deadline.
    6. It wasn't so much that Nancy forgot things; more that they just were not a priority to her or that she didn't focus on them.
    7. I realized that a priority for Nancy was pride and recognition for her work, so by doing her own thing, she felt like she was making an impact.
    8. I framed the discussion so that Nancy understood that [we] recognized and appreciated her contributions — but they just couldn't be done in isolation.
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