1. Activists Are Pushing Back Against Tech Platforms That Quietly Empower Hate Groups

    Activists Are Pushing Back Against Tech Platforms That Quietly Empower Hate Groups

    Disqus is one of a growing number of tech platforms under scrutiny for the websites and organizations they do business with. As the speedy downfall of Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly recently demonstrated, post-election liberal activist movements are getting much better at publicizing their causes and marshaling financial pressure, and no company with money to lose is off the hook for the relationships it maintains.

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    1. Can they choose who their customers are? Can they have content guidelines? Sure.
    2. Hate groups increasingly function only online.
    3. I think some of them, some people might say that they're just conservative.
    4. A lot of times the websites are very clean, but the books they publish or what their leaders say are very different.
    5. All the internet communities, online discussions, that entire beast has always been fairly chaotic.
    6. My inlaws are immigrants from Egypt, and they're Muslim, and I was offended by the initial travel ban.
    7. We're not as involved with the content, and we also think we don't necessarily have expertise to address those issues.
    8. We have a relationship with law enforcement where if they go through the steps, the due-process steps to come up with an order, we will adhere to that order.
    9. You see increasingly people want to take tech companies and throw a lot of these difficult questions onto them.
    10. It's a very distasteful thing when that happens.
    11. I can understand that Cloudflare is a moral absolutist, a free-speech absolutist, and I can appreciate that position.
    12. Our CEO is a donor to SPLC. He trusts them implicitly.
    13. These same companies that promote these values about liberty and being pro-immigrant, that are pro-gay rights, that are supportive of women's issues, they're taking money from hate groups.
    14. These seem like useful changes that will help them manage the hate issue across the platform.
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