1. Twitter COO Is Betting on a Risky Video Strategy to Fix the Company

    Twitter COO Is Betting on a Risky Video Strategy to Fix the Company

    Anthony Noto, a former Goldman Sachs banker, is leading Twitter's charge towards live video.

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    1. You've heard the term wartime CEO? Even when it was obvious that things weren't going in the right direction, we had peacetime CEOs.
    2. Doing that once or twice is hard enough but doing it over and over again? The guy's tireless.
    3. Anthony has such a strong belief in his own intelligence that it's hard for him to learn. He believed himself smarter and better at everyone's job.
    4. He looked out for the people he drafted for his ranks as he beat up everyone else.
    5. People described Noto as the devil on Jack's [Dorsey] shoulder and Adam as the angel.
    6. Let's interrogate numbers this way, that way.
    7. It was a win/win for everyone. Twitter got great content no one else had, and it proved it could attract millions of viewers to a live stream. The NFL got to test streaming with a smaller test partner ... who paid them.
    8. He's spectacular. I don't have another relationship with a COO at another internet company like that.
    9. It's like your relative who you love that keeps making a bunch of bad decisions over and over again, that's Twitter.
    10. There are longer-term issues of overall user growth, frequency on the site, value of traffic. These are issues they've had for a while. Eventually, they'll figure it out. If not, it's retained a fair amount of value potential for acquisition.
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