1. Forget Avocado Toast: Millennials Are Flocking To Natural Deodorant

    Forget Avocado Toast: Millennials Are Flocking To Natural Deodorant

    The longtime Old Spice devotee was itching to get in on the booming natural products market when an assistant told him about Schmidt’s Naturals. The Portland startup sold small batches of homemade deodorant with scents like sage, bergamot, and lime with lavender. “Back then in 2014, [Schmidt’s Naturals] was only in a jar,” he recalls incredulously of the product that was applied with a finger. “A jar.” Empty out five of our sustainable glass jars, and we'll set you up with a freebie. ???

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    1. We're at the point where we're not just taking market share from Tom's Natural Deodorant; we're taking market share from Secret and Dove.
    2. Portland was really supportive of people trying to find their way.
    3. Locally, there was so much support.
    4. I had a realization that the deodorant industry was weak and boring, and I wanted to blow it up.
    5. It got me interested in the category.
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