1. Consumer Tech Companies Want To Make Hearing Aids Cheaper—And Even Trendy

    Consumer Tech Companies Want To Make Hearing Aids Cheaper—And Even Trendy

    Liu combines both passions in her latest effort: advising U.S. lawmakers on new legislation that would, for the first time, open up the hearing aid market to companies such as Doppler Labs. The Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017, which is expected to pass both houses of the U.S. Congress by the end of July, would allow any consumer electronics company to sell hearing aids without prescriptions and with only minimal regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

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    1. People shouldn't have to suffer because of cost or how [their device] looks.
    2. We have a broad number of companies large and small that have been very interested in the development of [over-the-counter hearing aids].
    3. Even the FDA acknowledges that you could have two identical devices.
    4. What we're doing is giving people who need help in certain situations access to technology that can help them.
    5. Does that mean [people with hearing loss are] going to want to wear IQbuds all the time like they wear a hearing aid?
    6. I played drums for 20 years. I got my hearing tested. It was far from perfect.
    7. With this type of loss, are you noticing it? Probably not.
    8. If you didn't include moderate hearing loss, then it would negate the benefit for senior consumers.
    9. The over-the-counter hearing aid has to, by definition in the bill, include tools, tests, or software that allow the user to control it and customize it to their own needs.
    10. Our devices are handled by consumers directly, and they are doing just fine.
    11. There is so much opportunity for innovation.
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