1. How the Quest to Build a Visual Wikipedia Started in the Slums of New Delhi

    How the Quest to Build a Visual Wikipedia Started in the Slums of New Delhi

    There's a race on to map out the augmented reality universe, and Ambarish Mitra means to win it. Can his audacious startup, Blippar, stay ahead of Facebook and Google?

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    1. Making the physical world digital is a bit of a holy grail in the tech community.
    2. Spiritualism went down and corruption went up.
    3. He was a risk-taker, very adventurous.
    4. He somehow has a weird confidence that everything is going to work out.
    5. It was completely unaffordable for us as a company with zero revenue and no funding.
    6. We were going to build a database of a trillion, trillion images.
    7. We've taken the majority of human knowledge and created a visual DNA for it.
    8. We are heading toward a world, inside five years, where computer vision, A.I., and natural-language translation will make everyday information about the stuff in front of you absolutely seamless.
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