1. Plex's Bold Plan To Take On The Streaming Goliaths

    Plex's Bold Plan To Take On The Streaming Goliaths

    For digital media hoarders and pirates, Plex is a household name. The nine-year-old Los Gatos, California, startup makes server software for streaming media files from one device—usually a PC—to phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, and TVs. Millions of people use Plex to access their digitized DVDs, video downloads, MP3 files, and photos from anywhere. And the company's fanatical fan base has made it a profitable business through a subscription program for premium features.

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    1. All of the stuff we're talking about is five to seven years' worth of work, and if we do a great job, we'll build a big, massive company out of it.
    2. I had this rack-mountable server behind my TV, hooked up into a VGA to component video input, and a keyboard hooked up.
    3. Okay, there's probably a business here.
    4. He'd been playing in the big leagues, and this was definitely a garage band, starting to play some clubs and having dreams about the arena.
    5. It's not just about money grubbing.
    6. You shouldn't be tied to one platform to get the content experience you want.
    7. It was this nice first step that took advantage of all of our server capabilities, and all the cool stuff that we've built, and it started to expand the brand.
    8. We think with the WatchUp assets, we're going to be able to make an amazing aggregated news app, and do that really well, because nobody else is.
    9. We're trying to really understand with a lot of humility what those publishers are doing, and trying to work with them in order to preserve the quality of their content, and the quality of their monetization right now.
    10. For Plex, part of what they've acquired with WatchUp is these relationships, and they've got Adriano, who's very charming and has been doing this for some time.
    11. The fact of the matter is, there are not a whole lot of technology companies that are approaching this with humility vis-à-vis the content owners and content publishers.
    12. I think that's easy to say and hard to do.
    13. If Netflix decided they wanted to kick ass at news, well, Netflix is a lot bigger than us, they have a lot more resources, they have a lot more paying users. Could they do something kickass around that? They absolutely could.
    14. If I'm wrong, and somehow the content owners actually do all get disintermediated and abstracted away, there's no room for Plex.
    15. In the long run, this is kind of a bet-the-company kind of move.
    16. We are a media player app. That's kind of what we do, and I think people come to us to get content. So we will have a lot of content, starting with news, and then other content you'll get through Plex.
    17. The neat thing about the server, and it always will be the case, is that it's very sticky.
    18. Those content files are so massive, in order to get the true quality of that, you're going to need a set of files somewhere in the home to be able to take advantage of that.
    19. There is a deep passion in what we're doing.
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