1. My Quarter-Life Career Crisis Didn’t Kill Me—It Taught Me How To Pivot

    My Quarter-Life Career Crisis Didn’t Kill Me—It Taught Me How To Pivot

    Growing up, my girl crushes swung between Judy Blume and Eleanor Roosevelt. I gravitated toward irreverent women who had stories to tell and history to make. Maybe because of this, I felt destined for a career in politics. As a campus activist at Northwestern University, I geeked out to all things political. I volunteered on Chicago congressional campaigns and Bill Clinton’s first presidential run. I even ran as a delegate for the Democratic National Convention in 1992.

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    1. The day I got the Obama fellowship, I quit my job.
    2. It's crazy when I look back and think that having worked on the campaign and then answering that ad completely changed the course of my life.
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