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    1. The "Master Manipulator" Of The Watergate Coverup Is Feeling Déjà Vu

      The "Master Manipulator" Of The Watergate Coverup Is Feeling Déjà Vu

      A clumsy crime that could unravel a giant conspiracy. A paranoid president who lashes out at the media and expresses deep distrust of the intelligence agencies. A top official accused of lying to federal agents. A cover-up that could be worse than the crime. And angry Democrats demanding: "What did the president know? And when did he know it?" This week's headlines are giving John Dean a lot of déjà vu.

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  1. PEOPLE in Small Business News this week

    1. (4 articles) Barack Obama
    2. (4 articles) Donald Trump
    3. (2 articles) Jeff Bezos
    4. (1 articles) Richard Branson
    5. (1 articles) Alec Baldwin
  2. ORGANIZATIONS in Small Business News this week

    1. (5 articles) Google
    2. (3 articles) Apple Inc.
    3. (3 articles) General Motors
    4. (3 articles) White House
    5. (3 articles) Nike
  3. TOPICS in Small Business News this week

    1. (5 articles) Google
    2. (5 articles) New York
    3. (4 articles) Barack Obama
    4. (4 articles) Donald Trump
    5. (3 articles) General Motors
  4. What People Are Saying

    1. When I wake up, I have a glass of lemon juice and water, and possibly take the dog out for her morning whatever.
      By David Allen
    2. My morning routine is dictated by my high schoolers.
      By Lisa Woodruff
    3. That's why you need to understand the situations that your customer finds themselves in.
      By Clayton M. Christensen
    4. As a whole, people with autism—even those who are quite bright, and intellectually quite capable—are facing worse job prospects because of their social challenges.
      By Dave Kearon
    5. They can't get a job that's commensurate with their abilities.
      By Dave Kearon
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    Richard Turcott

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